5 Places In Bahrain To Enjoy Your Iftar Picnic With A View

Hera Shabbir

Bahrain’s picnic weather is unbeatable! With gentle breezes and clear skies, it’s the perfect backdrop for iftars. Whether you’re by the coast or in a lush park, the atmosphere definitely adds magic to breaking fast with loved ones!

So scroll down below to get the ultimate list of places to grab yourself a yummy meal, those prayer mats, and head on over to enjoy an outdoor iftar with family!

5. Take in the sunset at Al Jazayer Beach

If you’re more of a take in the view kind of person, then this place is definitely a topper for picnic spots to enjoy iftar. As the meal comes around sunset, you can enjoy the few minutes before watching the sun hover over the sparkly waters of Bahrain. There are even a few cafes at this spot so you can even get your caffeine dose in for the day as you feast to the sunset.

4. Enjoy the luscious green views at Budaiya Botanical Garden

The Budaiya Botanical Garden is the perfect place for you to sit under the sun surrounded by greenery. You can head on over here an hour before sunset, to get some gorgeous golden hour pictures for the gram. Best part is, there’s a lovely path for you to walk to burn off that post-iftar feeling!

3. Get away from the city rush at Al Dar Islands

This spot situated a bit out of the hustle and bustle of Bahrain, is definitely worth a day trip. Wake up on your day off, pack some yummy Iftar snacks, and hit the road to these gorgeous islands that will have you taking in the most serene view of the water! You’ll even get to enjoy an 8-minute boat ride to the pretty place!

2. Enjoy a game of tennis after Iftar at the Andalus Garden in Manama


If you’re up for an Iftar picnic without the travel hassle, Andalus Garden in the heart of Manama is your spot! With plenty of seating, a playground, a tennis court, and an art gallery nearby, it’s picnic paradise. Plus, soak in the beauty of local flowers and palms!

1. Take the kids for some post-iftar fun at Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Park

If you’re the type of person that feels instantly energetic after Iftar, then this spot is the ideal place for you to be having your Iftar picnic. Enjoy your meal with the surrounding palms, lake, and greenery as you gather for prayer at the mosque situated right in the park. You can then join your family for some rnr activities like biking, running, walking, and even just playing tag! This place is a great choice to keep yourself extra active, especially during the post-iftar food coma!



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