5 Stunning Roads To Experience Fun Summer Drives In Bahrain

Hera Shabbir

Summer has officially arrived in Bahrain, bringing with it the perfect opportunity to enjoy a leisurely drive around the island. With the air conditioning on and your favorite music playing, there’s no better way to pass the time and soak in the summer vibes.

To make the most of your drive, check out these five popular roads, beloved by Bahrain’s residents, that offer some of the most scenic views on the island. From coastal highways to winding rural routes, these roads will have you admiring Bahrain’s beauty through your window, making every drive a memorable summer experience.

5. Riffa’s roundabouts

If you’re looking for some gorgeously perfect bushes, palm trees, and breathtaking greenery, then driving past the Riffa Roundabouts is where you need to start. The area is always kept top-notch for drivers to admire the wholesome nature surrounding the area.

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4. Bahrain Bay Area

Just as you’re coming back from Muharraq, there’s an exit to Bahrain Bay’s bridge which takes you through a gorgeous drive behind all the highway traffic. You get to drive along a gorgeous sunset on the widest most emptiest bridge, as you approach Financial Harbour and Harbour Heights! Best part is, this drive helps you beat the traffic lights on the main highway.

3. Muharraq area

If you take the exit to Muharraq on the right, before Busaiteen, the road presents you with a gorgeous view of the entire skyline of Manama. Whether you’re there in the day or night, the view of the city is stunning.

2. King Faisal Highway

The main highway of Bahrain is probably the best drive to enjoy if you’re a fan of tall buildings. The highway leading to Muharraq features iconic buildings like the Bab Al Bahrain Souq, Financial Harbor to your left, and Bahrain’s World Trade Center to your right. This gorgeous highway is a lot of residents’ daily commute, and everyone LOVES the views, *minus the traffic at peak hour.

1. Drive to the King Fahd Causeway

A road trip to Saudi Arabia is always a good idea, but if you just want to go there for the views, King Fahd Causeway actually allows you to turn right back around before immigration! Head on over on a sunny day to enjoy some good music, and views of the Saudi-Bahrain border. Keep note to avoid going on weekends, because you’ll DEFINITELY get stuck in traffic.


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