5 Under 10 BHD Iftar Buffets To Savor During The Last 10 Days

Hera Shabbir

During the last 10 days of Ramadan, dig into delectable Iftar buffets without breaking the bank! With options under 10 BHD, you can feast to your heart’s content and savor every moment of the holy month. Scroll down below to get a list of Bahrain’s yummiest yet affordable buffets that will be light on the pockets but heavy on the tummies!

5. Roche – 9.9 BHD


This gorgeous cafe brings not only the yummiest selection of food, but also some amazing decor that will have you taking pictures the whole time. Enjoy their delicious collection of Iftar delights for just 9.9 BHD, while you dine like royalty.

4. Rustic Cafe – 7.9 BHD


This spot is also another must-visit to enjoy a wide collection of food for just 7.9 BHD! Their appetizers, mains, and satisfying desserts will most-likely leave you in a food coma that needs to be topped off with some of their coffee options.

3. Mezza House – 6.9 BHD


If you’re feeling more of a traditional Arabic dining experience, then Mezza House is the perfect place to start. Not only will it barely cost you 7 BHD per person, but also brings an amazing variety of breads, heavy mains, and delightful desserts

2. Topaz Restaurant – 5.7 BHD


If you’re one for enjoying heavy dishes for Iftar that keeps you full all night, then this spot is definitely a top pick. Topaz is a great place to eat heavy, but pay light during the last 10 days of Ramadan.

1. Patio Cafe – 4.9 BHD


Patio Cafe is another affordable yet delicious option for you to savor during the last 10 days. Costing you a little under 5 BHD per person, this spot is known to have the most mouth-watering dishes that will have you counting down the minutes to Iftar. Not only are their mains the talk of the town, but also their dessert table that is full of both international and local delights to make your last few days extra sweet!


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