A TikToker Shares A Bunch Of Epic Reasons To Visit Bahrain ASAP

Hera Shabbir

Bahrain has recently been getting all the press after the sensational F1 races! The country is known to the GCC’s stunning and iconic island that welcomes thousands of travelers passing through Saudi, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, and Oman. Apart from the gorgeous island views of the sea at every corner, Bahrain also has quite the rich heritage and most welcoming people, and according to this TikToker, there are a bunch of reasons to visit ASAP.

TikTok user @henrikristiansen firstly gushed over the delicious food scene

Considering the numerous restaurants and cafes the Kingdom is welcoming on the daily, Henriette clearly loved her dining experience on the Island. She posted about the gorgeous restaurants, gave the food a solid 100/10, and even posted a pic of her tea moment with a reference to Wes Anderson. It couldn’t get better than this! 😍

She also made sure to credit the adorable camels of the Kingdom

In these wholesome pictures, Henriette shared her memorable bonding experience with the camels of Bahrain in front of  the most gorgeous sunset! Look at how that camel actually snuck a quick little smile! 🤩

The views definitely caught this TikToker’s eye

She posted about the gorgeous sunsets she got to see everyday, made sure to feature the beautiful view points and forts, and even shared her experience of the orchestra! Looks like Bahrain is definitely a win-win for Henriette!

And let’s not forget, it’s an ISLAND! 🤩

Being on an Island definitely brings perks of enjoying boat rides with friends all year round! She also posted an iconic pic in an abaya, which although is optional, looks absolutely stunning!

If you haven’t already been convinced to move, Henriette’s reasons will definitely sway you to the Kingdom! 🇧🇭


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