Bahrain Witnessed Delightful Rain And Lightening Across The Skies This Weekend!

Hera Shabbir

This weekend brought about cooler temperatures for the residents of Bahrain. Residents got to wake up to clouds galore on both Friday and Saturday morning. The main downpour happened early Friday morning and Saturday night where residents definitely couldn’t hold back from posting all the videos.

The rain brought all the positive vibes to the road as everyone got out for a rainy drive

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The roads of the island were packed as everyone flocked outside to enjoy the raindrops. It was however also a night full of lightning and thunder as the skies lit up with flashes for hours!

The lightening was quite grand and painted the skies in multiple branches!

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Many reported that the skies were flashing for hours with large branches of lightening followed by roaring thunder across the island. Drivers were urged by officials to drive slow and cautiously, as puddles began to form on streets and highways.

It was overall an enjoyable weekend for most, and a welcome to the cooler winds for Ramadan


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