Everyone Is Obsessing Over Pakistani Blogger Bilal Hassan’s Bahraini Gergaoon Video

Hera Shabbir

Bilal Hassan made a stopover in Bahrain recently, and came at just about the perfect time. Yesterday marked one of the most important Ramadan celebrations across the Kingdom: Gergaoon. The tradition, celebrated on the 14th and 15th day of Ramadan, gathers children across the island to dress up and collect candy throughout their neighborhood.

Bilal shared this insightful video showcasing his experience of Bahrain’s 2024 Gergaoon festivities

The video, which already got over 83 thousand views, shows the colorful traditions that take place during this special day. From the adorable children dressed up in their best fits, to the enthusiastic adults all ready to hand out these little ones candy, the celebrations look super wholesome.

The comments were flooding with positive reactions to this Ramadan tradition

Because Bilal has a both international and local following, the tradition comes as a total surprise to most. Majority of his following consists of Pakistani residents, who as per the looks of it are totally inspired by this tradition. If you thought Gergaoon was just bringing in the good energy in Bahrain, thanks to Bilal, it has now lit up the vibes in Pakistan too!


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