Labour Ministry Working To Protect Jobs Of Workers Let Go By Delivery Company

Hera Shabbir

The Labour Ministry is closely monitoring the termination of Bahraini workers’ contracts by a private delivery company, aiming to protect the workforce and provide alternative job options in case of facility closures.

The Ministry refutes claims that the closure is linked to the end of wage subsidies, affirming no such subsidies are ending soon. Workers confirmed the company’s planned closure of its Bahrain branch.

A specialized team is investigating the closure, and meetings have been held to explore keeping the branch open

The Ministry is also working to ensure workers receive proper compensation per Bahrain’s labor laws. Dismissed workers received three days’ pay per month of service instead of the mandated two days. The Ministry is assisting affected workers in finding new employment opportunities and will provide unemployment compensation equivalent to 60% of their wages for nine months or until re-employment.


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