Photographer Captures Spectacular Bahraini Sunsets That Resemble Paintings

Hera Shabbir

Bahrain’s legendary sunsets are always the talk of the town, stealing hearts with their jaw-dropping beauty. Picture-perfect hues of fiery oranges and dreamy pastel pinks light up the sky, hovering over the gorgeous waters.

A photographer in Bahrain has totally ACED it when it comes to bringing these sunsets to life in his photographer. Scroll down below to check out Saeed Baloch’s skills behind the camera.

The skies literally look PAINTED!


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A post shared by سعید امام 🇧🇭 (@imsaeedbaloch)

Said captured this fantastic moment at Bahrain Bay, with the orange hues lighting up the sky behind Bahrain Bay.

Has a skyline ever looked better?

This definitely looks like a movie trailer for Bahrain

From the bustling streets of Muharraq to the gorgeous boats gliding over the waters, Saeed gave the perfect little glimpse of what Bahrain is all about.

Although Bahrain’s natural beauty speaks volume, the real talent also lies behind capturing the true essence through the lens, which Saeed has flawlessly done.


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