The Internet Shares A Bunch Of Wholesome Reasons They Adore Bahrain!

Hera Shabbir
Bahrain’s an island that’s definitely got it all! If you’re looking to chill on their sunny beaches, explore the country’s rich history, or enjoy the buzzing nightlife scene, the island got a little something for everyone. The internet had nothing but great things to say about this gorgeous island in the Gulf, which according to the masses, boasts with yummy food, the most welcoming people, and gorgeous weather. Scroll down below to read some of the internet’s honest opinions of the Kingdom.

The welcoming people are a definite reason

Bahrain is known to have some of the most welcoming and open-hearted community. Majority of the visitors explain the people to be ‘kind’ and ‘accomodative.’ Considering the large expat population in the Kingdom, the locals are used to welcoming foreign faces to the island with the warmest embrace, showing them the best of their culture.

Safety is also a major win for those visiting from abroad

Crime rates in the west are usually higher compared to the Gulf, and this is astonishing to visitors. Like this user mentioned, people in the west are less likely to visit an ATM at 3am worry-free. But that’s not the case here in Bahrain. The island is actually safe all hours of the day, to the point where going out for a coffee at 3am will probably feel the same as if you’re going at 9pm. It’s a country where everyone trusts each other enough to provide residents and visitors a safe environment.

People are also loving the easy commute and gorgeous weather

Bahrain is popular across the GCC for being one of the smallest countries in the Gulf, but people love it. The easy commute can get you from one end of the island to the other in under 50 minutes *given it isn’t rush hour. Another great part about the country is the gorgeous weather as the island breeze creates the perfect environment for outdoor activities especially from October through April.

Let’s not forget the yummy food!

The Kingdom has the most delicious traditional bites for you when you visit. From the mouth-watering Machboos, totally top tier shawarmas, silky and sweet Louqaimat, and juicy Bahraini tikkas! When it comes to taking your taste buds on a ride of flavor, the Kingdom will definitely hit all the right notes.

The Bahrain Circuit is also a popular favorite among visitors

The Bahrain International Circuit has been hosting the F1 Races since 2004, and people flock by the thousands. The circuits energy, amazing lineup, and stunning fireworks make this place a hub for all F1 enthusiasts. This place is a definite visit if you’re a fan of the racing adrenaline!

Overall, people will definitely convince you to move here


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