5 Bahrain-Based Music Producers Bringing Electrifying Vibes to the Scene


Bahrain’s music scene is oozing with talent, and its pool of music producers is no exception. From crafting beats that resonate with the pulse of the island to experimenting with unique sounds, here are a few local producers that are making waves in the international music scene!

Headphones, IN.


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1. Developed Minds

A Bahrain-based prolific beatmaker and producer, originally from South Bend, Indiana, brings a global perspective to his warm cinematic beats, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures around the world.

Notably making his mark by creating a unique experience for audiences with his first-ever LoFi set live in Bahrain, DVLPMNDS sonic sounds are distinctive, and can also be caught on a beat tape! (Old school, and original! Lovin’ it!)



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2. Spceboi

Hailing from Saudi Arabia, Spceboi is a DJ and producer whose sonic explorations have captured the hearts of music enthusiasts. With a keen sense of deep house, electronic, micro house, and minimal genres, Spceboi curates mesmerising sounds that transport listeners to otherworldly realms.

The artist showcased his musical prowess at MDLBEAST Soundstorm 2022 but residents of Bahrain can easily get a glimpse of his mastery over on special weekends!



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3. Ghauri

The OG Beat Maestro of Pakistani Desi vibes! Ghauri Music has mastered the art of producing beats that resonate with Desi-music lovers, blending catchy tunes to create special #SunnoFlip’s!

He’s garnered over 20 million views on YouTube and over a million streams on Spotify, all by teaching himself how to master the entire music production process all on his own.

@ghaurimusic Who would have thought this? 🚨 14 million on youtube #yamlajatt #ghauri #viral #trendingsong #fyp #sunnomusic ♬ دس میں کی پیار وچو کہٹیا – یملا اور غوری – Ghauri

4. Hassan Ahmed

Known as DJ & Music Producer SVÄNT – a prominent figure in Bahrain’s thriving music scene. Now, a resident DJ in the heart of Block 338 almost every weekend, nightlife-goers can enjoy his exquisite playlists that vary from house to deep tech.

Gracing the decks since 2014 during his days in Cairo, music for him isn’t a career or a job – but has always been his profound passion.


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A martian beatmaker and urban cultural mover, DUST has been releasing incredible sonic magic from the heart of his homeland, Bahrain, through combining collaborations and artistic input from all the corners of the world.

His latest EP ‘WILD FLOWERS’ has been making waves, and showcases his diverse style that knows no boundaries – lo-fi, soulful, funky and just pure grooves.



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These maestros not only cultivate their craft within the borders of Bahrain but also transcend geographical boundaries, leaving a mark on global stages all around the world.

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