5 Essential Apps To Install For Ultimate Ease In Bahrain

Hera Shabbir

In today’s world, apps are that trusty sidekick you just can’t do without, no matter where you are, especially in Bahrain. The island’s got a bunch to make your life easier that you should definitely install ASAP. From skipping those long lines to scoring the best local deals, these apps are like your personal genie, making everyday tasks a breeze.

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5. Check out what’s playing when on the big screens with the Bahrain Cinema App

The Cinema App is definitely gateway to cinematic bliss in Bahrain. Not only does this app provide up-to-the-minute showtimes but also delivers crucial details to ensure your movie night is top-notch. Read up on the storyline for a quick preview, stay informed about the age restrictions, timings, and decide which movies are a hit or miss!

4. Get a bunch of buy one get one free offers on The Entertainer

The Entertainer is your hack to get the best BOGO offers for you and your plus one. Although installing the app might cost you a fee, it’s worth every dinar. The app provides the best buy one get one deals for leisure, hospitality, food, beverages and so much more. If you’re a team of two then this app should definitely be installed ASAP!

3. Take care of your bill payments from home using the Tam application


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With this app, the  bill-paying chaos is officially over. Tam is your at-home solution for managing all your essential expenses from the comfort of your couch.  With a few taps, you can settle all your dues seamlessly, for internet, subscriptions, utilities and so much more! If you’re living in Bahrian then this app should be on your homepage already.

2. Make all your leisure and health appointments at the Bookit App


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If you’re not one for making lengthy phone calls trying to book your next nail appointment, then the Bookit app is perfect for you. Grab a slot for your weekly workout, henna and nail appointment, or even that overdue health checkup that has been in the works for weeks. Bookit is the ideal app to have on your phone to simplify the booking process and enjoy all your self-care days!

1. Skip the line for all your official work using Skiplino


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The lengthy process of waiting for your turn holding your ticket number can be quite exhausting. Skiplino is here to make all your official work super easy, avoiding all the standing in line hassle. Open up your phone and book yourself the perfect slot, according to your daily schedule, to get all your official work done. This app quite literally will help you skip the line you’d be standing in at all day.

Another app you should definitely keep note of is Lovin!

Lovin is the best app to have on your phone to stay updated on your city’s news, entertainment, community life, and updates right at your fingertips. Install it ASAP on your Apple or Andriod phone and enjoy updates on things Bahrain!


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