These 5 Iconic Moments Of Omar Farooq Definitely Prove He’s A Global Icon

Hera Shabbir

Omar Farooq is a name familiar to all the Bahraini community, and there are millions of reasons why. This social media superstar knows how to bring you a good laugh with famous pop-culture trends. Here are 5 perfect examples of Omar Farooq iconically showing he’s absolutely the coolest, in different parts of the world.

5. Eating a baguette at the France vs England World Cup match in Qatar


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Just look at the enthusiasm on his face 👏 Aside from his totally awesome France-inspired outfit, Omar really knows how to enjoy a football game and that is clearly what he did here. After biting the baguette he brought along for the France vs. England World Cup match, Omar’s video actually went viral on the internet.

4. Dancing in style with the locals in Taif, Saudi Arabia

Omar definitely enjoyed his time with the community in Turaif after rocking their local ensemble, and dancing in ultimate style. This just proves how beautifully Omar welcomes and celebrates different cultures around the Gulf.

3. Riding the most majestic horses in Dubai

This awesome video shows Omar and his wife enjoying what looks like the most majestic and beautiful horse-ride in Dubai. They looked like absolute naturals 🙌

2. Partying with Pakistanis at a Sialkot wedding

He definitely looks like a natural with this pose, and that outfit is just everything 👏. Omar was seen taking the coolest tour of Pakistan’s northern and eastern areas in style. He really put Pakistan on the map for its natural beauty and colorful culture!

1. Herding some goats in Iraq

Omar is clearly well traveled, and knows how to fit in with the locals. Here he is herding some goats in Iraq.

These 5 moments are just a few of many that definitely prove Omar Farooq is Bahrain’s most well-traveled and welcoming social media mogul! 🙌


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