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20 Reasons You Need To Vist Bahrain At Least Once Before You Die

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Bahrain has transformed to become one of the Gulf’s most sought out island getaways

From the beautiful island weather, seasonal festivals, and obviously the F1, Bahrain welcomes people from all around the world. The island is also known to primarily host expats, with a total population of 1.8 million. The country is an archipelago of 33 islands, allowing you to optimize the island experience to the max.

The island also has the perfect modern-traditional ratios with a wide selection of beautiful malls right next to the narrow old streets of downtown. Because of the various activities and areas to explore on the Island, it is definitely a spot you HAVE to visit once in your lifetime.

Here are 20, out of many, reasons why you should DEFINITELY visit Bahrain once in your lifetime


1. To experience pearl diving

Pearl diving is one of the oldest industries on the Island, up until the 1930’s. You can visit the island’s Pearling Trail, also on the UNESCO World Heritage List, to walk through the history of pearling.  This 3.5 km trail of 17 traditional buildings around Muharraq take you on a historical journey through the industry at it’s peak.

2. It’s architectural wonders

The island is home to many different buildings that are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. From the Bahrain National Theatre, to the World Trade Center, and even the Arccapita building on Bahrain Bay. Make sure to grab your camera when hopping around different places to admire.

3. The historical Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is one of the most prominent and oldest historical sites on the Island, of a 400-year old tree standing completely on it’s own. The miracle behind this tree is its existence, as it is not taken care of by any individual. People come from all over the world to witness how this tree, standing in solitude, has survived the desert’s harsh heat and cold winds.

4. The endless beaches

Considering how Bahrain is an island, everywhere you look, there’s aqua blue waters. This means you can actually drive up to the rough sand, park your car, and enjoy a picnic with family to the beautiful views of the water. Aside from public beaches around Manama and Bahrain Bay, private sites like Marassi Al Bahrain, Durrat Al Bahrain, and even Sofitel Hotel serve up the best beach experiences.

5. The Gold Souq’s gorgeous variety

Bahrain doesn’t hold back when it comes to the bling, which is exactly why the gold souq is worth visting. With a HUGE variety of jewlery, items, and even gold artefacts, the island is here to answer all your desires of buying your next pretty investment.

6. The hundreds of Coffee shops

The coffee game is quite competitive in the Kingdom, with hundreds of coffee spots all over the island. From local delicacies to the big franchises, you will never fall short with your daily dose of caffeine with the island’s wide selection.

7. Island hopping

Who said Bahrain is just a single Island? It is actually home to many different spots which you can visit all in just a day! The top three you MUST visit are Jarada Island, Reef Island, and Hawar Islands. Fun fact, Hawar Island is actually getting an underwater museum in the next couple of years!

8. The beautiful clothes at Bab Al Bahrain

Bab Al Bahrain, quite literally the ‘Door of Bahrain’ was a sea port for all incoming travelers back in the day. The site has now turned into the island’s most famous market with both imported and local items of clothes, spices, artefacts, and DELICIOUS bites.

9. The American Alley

This one’s for the franchise and fast-food lovers because Juffair is here to walk you through America’s finest dining. This entire street, located in Juffair, is dedicated to all American food-franchises like Hardee’s, KFC, McDonald’s, Applebee’s, Pizza Hut, and MANY more.

10. The Hundreds Of Spa Offers

Bahrain is known to have a spa literally every 2 kilometers. The island may be small, but the spa’s are absolutely endless. From a quick cheap bundle offer to a whole five-star experience, Bahrain is the place to be if you’re looking to unwind with some relaxation.

11. The Yummy dessert spots

If you’re out and about with friends and are looking to satisfy your sweet craving, then search up ‘dessert’ on Google Maps and see the endless variety. From some traditional Luqaimat, to some first-class ice cream at Baskin Robbins, you DEFINITELY won’t have a dessert craving for long thanks to the various spots.

12. The Competitive Burger Game

Bahrain is actually making quite a name for themselves with having some of the most mouth-watering juicy local burgers. No, we’re not talking about the typical McDonald’s Big Mac and Hardee’s Angus Burger. Bahrain’s LOCAL joints are where you’ll get the actualy first-class burger experience. Head on for a long drive to Zallaq for ‘Sliders’ or drive up to City Center’s ‘El Balcon’ to endulge yourself into a Juicy Lucy at Flip. These are just a few of MANY.

13. The Breathtaking Hotels

The hotels in the Kingdom are also one of the reasons why people come to relax. For travelers on all budgets, the hotels offer many different experiences that you’d enjoy, including a fun Jet-skiing session at Bahrain Bay, or a five-star dining experience at Wolf Gang Puck’s joint at the Four Seasons. Don’t even worry about your budget when you’re on the island as all areas offer different kinds of entertainment, at different prices.

14. Formula 1

Bahrain’s most famous event of the year is the Formula 1 at the Bahrain International Circuit, which you have to visit at least once. The vibes, the concerts, the loud cars, it’s all a unique experience that one MUST do at least once in their life. Plus, your visa will cost only 5 BD, once you have the ticket in hand. Get details on the dates and concerts here.

15. The Safety Protocols

There was a point wher Bahrain was actually at the top of the list when it came to COVID-19 protocols. Because the country is small, it was easy to mediate and control the crowd and numbers of cases from going up. Around 3 MILLION vaccines were registered in the Kingdom this past year, enough to cover around 105% of the population. So don’t even worry about the safety protocols in the region, as the ministry has got you covered!

16. The Burial Mounds

Not many people know about these historical burial mounds that date back to the Dilmun era, 6,000 years ago. The famous Epic of Gilgamesh was known to have seeked mortality on the island. This legend derives from of an old Mesopotamian poem, also known as  one of the earliest works of literature.

17. The Nightlife

Juffair is where all the party is at when it comes to having fun in Bahrain. From the endless bars, to the 24-hour food joints, anytime your out and about on the island, you can definitely find a crowd here.

18. The Local bites

Bahrain is primarily famous for fish, rice, and first-class grill. From places like Sabar Ayoob, Mohammad Noor Bukhari, and the various shawarma joints, Bahrain serves it up when it comes to food. Make sure to try ‘Haji’s Cafe’ for an AUTHENTIC Bahraini breakfast experience too.

19. The friendly community

Bahraini’s are actually known to be very welcoming and kind. Majority of their population consists of expats, and the locals are just as welcoming to all the incoming ethnicities. With places for Pakistanis, Fiipinos, Indians, Americans, and other nationalities, the island really is a diverse hub with a unified community.

20. The budget-friendly activities

Whether you’re on a budget of 20 BD or 200, there is so much you can do on the Island. Grab some yummy bites at the Busaiteen food trucks for just 0.5 BD, or go shop until you drop at City Center’s amazing offers. Nobody gets left behind when it comes to experiencing fun on the island. You can beach with class at the private areas or you can drive-in for a beautiful picnic along the same waters. Bahrain really knows how to make sure everyone has fun, regardless of their budget.

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