5 Activities That’ll Definitely Keep You Entertained This Weekend

Hera Shabbir

The weekend’s finally here, and that means having a list of activities to make the most of it


From a mind-blowing air show, game night plans with friends, and the yummiest bites to order-in, this list of activities will definitely help you make the most of the next few days.

5. Watch the skies light up at the Bahrain Air Show

The Bahrain Air show officially kicked off yesterday, and featured some amazing aircraft. If you’re a fan of airplanes, jets, and all things aerospace, then head on over to the Bahrain International Circuit. Get more info here.

4. Enjoy Trivia Night with friends at The Raven’s Nest

If you’re a trivia fan, then this event is definitely where you need to be this weekend. The Raven’s Nest is hosting Trivia Night at around 7:30pm on Thursday. Grab your squad and head on over, because tickets are just 2.5 BHD. Best part is, these trivia nights are held every Thursday. So if you can’t make it this week, there’s always the next one!

3. Add everything to cart at Namshi’s Black November sale


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November is the time when everyone sits by the screens to get their hands on some amazing offers, and this weekend marks the 11:11 sale! Grab your favorite clothes, accessories, or even a new pair of sneakers at Namshi’s sale that runs from November 1-30th! You have the whole month to line up the items on your cart, and check out. You can even get a BOGO, if you head on over to their site now!

2. Say hi to the flamingos at Zallaq Springs


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If you’re more of a nature person and are looking to get away from the crowd, then head on over to Zallaq Springs because this place is all things serene. The beautiful ponds are surrounded by luscious greenery, and have the cutest flamingoes and ducks. Grab a drink from one of the cafe’s nearby, and take in the sunset at this nature hub.

1. Walk into Greece at Opa Bahrain


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This restaurants make you feel like you’re right inside Greece as soon as you walk in. The decor, music, and amazing cuisine serves to be the best getaway from the hustle and bustle of the week. Best part is, the staff always enjoys a dance number with lots of clapping and jumping, giving you the authentic Greek experience. Make sure to book a table because this place is always full!



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