5 Activities To Get You Ramadan Ready In Bahrain

Hera Shabbir

In Bahrain, you can practically smell the spices in the air as everyone’s getting hyped for the Holy Month! From lively souqs to epic iftars, the whole island is buzzing with excitement. From late night decor projects to a refreshing dinner party to treat yourself, these 5 activities are the perfect way to make sure you’re all prepped for Ramadan.

5. Grab some traditional fits from the Moda Expo at Gulf Hotel


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What better way to welcome the holy month then to have all your Iftar dinner outfits ready? The Moda Expo is bringing you the most divine collection of traditional jalabiyas to make your holy month full of style! Make sure to head on over to Gulf Hotel Bahrain’s Conference hall on Saturday March 9, 2024.

4. Welcome the holy month with a pre-Ramadan dinner at Ramee Grand

Ramee Grand is calling you to a delightful dinner to welcome the holy month with a wide array of dishes, delicious desserts, and traditional vibes! Make sure to RSVP ASAP to get a seat at this awesome table on Saturday March 9, 2024.

3. Buy the cutest Ramadan decor from Day To Day

If you’re one of those people that likes to deck the house out in Ramadan vibes, then heading over to Day To Day should be on top of your list! They have the cutest themed decor, cutlery, dining accessories, and even pillow cases that will make your guests absolutely adore the Ramadan spirit! Make sure to head on over to Day To Day in Budaiyya for these items, because it’s first come first serve!

2. Head on over to the Farmer’s Market for some fresh produce

The Farmer’s Market in Janabiya is hosting an official Ramadan Preparation Festival, giving you the opportunity to start the holy month on a healthy note. This is the perfect chance for you to grab all kinds of fresh goodness, to make your suhoor and futoor full of healthy bites.

1. Stock up on discounted items from Ansar Gallery


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Ansar Gallery is here to make your weekend before Ramadan epic with the most irresistible discounts. Everything from fruits, vegetables, frozen foods, poultry, dairy, and dates are all on discount at this spot. So head on over ASAP and stock up to have a relaxed month at home, with cabinets full of groceries!


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