5 Fun-Filled Indoor Activities To Beat Bahrain’s Summer Heat


Brace yourselves guys because summer’s knocking, and you know what that means – indoor shenanigans galore!

From getting your heartbeat pumping at an indoor entertainment centre to pouring your creativity out on a plate (literally), the island is making sure to bring you some next-level fun this summer. Plus, who can resist those cute, Insta-worthy activities with your squad?


Fear not friends! Bahrain’s serving up the ultimate indoor fun frenzy, so keep scrolling for some indoor summer inspiration! 

5. Chase an adrenaline rush at this indoor amusement park

Not only is it family-friendly, but there’s something for everyone to do inside the center! With maximised security measures in place, the grown ups are even able to leave behind younger ones to enjoy their time, whilst they stroll and enjoy any of Al Liwan’s popular cafes.



4. Sculpt and paint your very own masterpiece

With a massive variety of items you can paint on, visitors can dive into their creativity and explore the world of colours at this perfect studio! Whether you’re in the mood to work on your clay modelling skills, or unleash the artist within you with a fun finger painting session, the options are endless!



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3. Step into the a fantasy world with your companions

If you enjoy savouring a delightful cup of coffee, accompanied by some soul-stirring music, with an abundance of board games to choose from, then this is set to be your spot! Immerse yourself in the captivating worlds of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones through their stunning artworks and decor, all nestled within a cosy surrounding that’s perfect for gathering with friends anytime of the week.

They also host specially-tailored workshops throughout the week!



2. Surprise your tastebuds with a Thai coconut ice-cream

Trust when we say that this tastes as good as it sounds!

If you were looking for a special treat, you should head over to Thai Mart in Diyar Muharraq and try out this incredible creation! The perfect way to cool yourself down as the weather gets hotter.


@zainab.and.zara 📍Bahrain 🇧🇭 . Can you believe it? 😍 I was over the moon to find @thaicoconut.icecream right here in Bahrain! 🌴😍 It instantly brought back memories of @thailand 🇹🇭 . It’s perfect blend of rich coconut flavor and velvety texture has stolen hearts across Thailand and is now making its way to Bahrain! 😍 . Treat yourself to the amazing Thai Coconut Ice Cream at their two branches: @juffairmallbh @thaimartbahrain . Trust me, it’s unbelievably delicious! . @nanthichajaratkai . #viral #thai #thailand #coconuticecream #bahrain #travel #trend #trending #blogger #kuwait #kuwaitblogger #foodblogger #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #viralvideo ♬ Very cute melody by marimba tone(39813) – Mitsu Sound

1. Treat yourself to a shopping spree like never before

The latest addition to the island, Galleria Mall, currently boasts numerous high-end luxury brands that you won’t find anywhere else in Bahrain! It’s bright ambiance during daylight hours makes it the perfect place to comfortably stroll and explore whilst you enjoy everything thats on show.



@mohamed.alabbarإيجل هيلز تفتتح مركزها التجاري الفخم مراسي جاليريا في مشروعها السكني والترفيهي الرائد مراسي البحرين على شواطئ ديار المحرّق. Eagle Hills opens its luxury lifestyle mall, Marassi Galleria, on Diyar Muharraq Beach, Bahrain.♬ original sound – Mohamed Alabbar محمد العبار


Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping activities, unleashing your creativity, indulging in delicious treats, or embarking on a shopping spree, Bahrain has something special in store for you. So, as the summer sun blazes outside, dive into the cool comfort of indoor delights and make unforgettable memories in the heart of the island.

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