5 Of The Best Bahraini Food Spots That Are Perfect For Independence Day


What better way to take part in the Independence Day festivities than by gorging on some local Bahraini food? If you’re scratching your head about where to kick off your culinary adventure, then this list can help you with some much-needed inspo. So get going already, the vibrant world of Bahraini cuisine awaits.

1. Basta 23

If Bahraini cuisine is uncharted territory for you, this spot offers a perfect initiation. A mix of the past and the modern, Basta 23 has quickly made a name for itself for its mouthwatering offerings. Picture this: alfresco dining in the delightful weather while savouring the city’s finest dishes. It’s a win-win!


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2. Villa Mamas

Chef Roaya Saleh drew on her childhood memories and turned them into a grand culinary experience for the world to experience. Packed with local, seasonal, and fresh ingredients, the place promises a sensory feast. This restaurant promoting Bahraini food now has branches in London, Abu Dhabi, and Riyadh—apart from Bahrain, of course.


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3. Haji’s Café

This small eatery has been around since 1950—this alone should be reason enough to visit the place. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner—there’s no bad time to visit Haji’s Café. You might have to wait a bit to get a spot, as it does get quite crowded. But hey, this is one place where you’re going to get it as authentic as it can get. Plus, the prices? Simply unbeatable!


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4. Tabreez Restaurant

Being an island, one cannot just separate the sea from the lives of the people that inhabit the place. Needless to say, seafood forms a major part of Bahraini cuisine, and that’s exactly why Tabreez, which is wildly popular for its seafood offerings, is on this list. Pick your fish, order a machboos to go with it, and you’re in for a treat of the senses.


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5. Emmawash

This homely breakfast spot started in 2012 when two friends noticed the need for wallet-friendly traditional grub. The joint got its name from the signature amwash dish, which’s made of dried shrimp, green mung beans, and mildly spiced rice. You won’t find this dish here every day, though; it’s a Ramadan specialty. But you need not worry—there are loads of other traditional dishes like balaleet and qaimat to gorge on.

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