5 Reasons Why Bahrain Is The PRIME Summer Vacay Spot

5 Reasons Why Bahrain Is The PRIME Summer Vacay Spot

With its endless beaches, windy atmosphere, and aqua-blue waters Bahrain has definitely become the IT place this summer vacation and here’s why

Considering it’s a small island and can be explored in just a few weeks, Bahrain is the perfect getaway for your friends and family. It’s close to most of the GCC regions like Qatar, Saudi, and UAE and people visit on the regular. These five reasons are why Bahrain is definitely the best spot to vacay this summer, and beat the heat.

1. The beautiful beaches

Bahrain is known to be the GCC’s island getaway with it being completely surrounded by beautiful waters. Everywhere you look, there’s aqua-blue water and that’s one of the most magical things about the Kingdom. From private to public beaches, Bahrain definitely serves it up when it comes to a summer beach day.

2.  Endless indoor activities

Some of the afternoons, especially in July, can get quite warm but are perfect for the various indoor activities. From indoor skydiving, go-karting, arcades, and amazing food selection, Bahrain is also home to some fun adventure. You can get your hands on some delicious local coffee while you book a karting session with friends.

3. The history

Although the country is still young, the nation’s history is quite rich with its pearl diving industry. You can take a tour of pearl diving sites, some of the nation’s oldest ports, along with a few historical forts.

4. The shoppping

The manama souq is the kind of souq that literally has EVERYTHING. From local produce, beautiful imported cloth designs, and exotic spices, the souq is definitey worth the visit for a great bargain.

5. The weather

As the country is surrounded by water, the weather is mostly windy. Although it can sometimes get very hot, the nights can get very pleasant with light winds worth a nice outdoor picnic and drive.

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