5 Seriously Mouth-Watering Desserts To Try In Bahrain

Hera Shabbir

Desserts are irresistible treats that no one can pass up, offering the perfect sweet finish to any meal. From rich, decadent cakes to light and refreshing sorbets, there’s a dessert to satisfy every craving. Lately, some desserts have been taking Bahrain’s internet by storm, captivating taste buds and social media feeds alike.

Read more to check out a list of the 5 most mouth-watering desserts that everyone is talking about!

5. Pick your own filling for your Churros from Love Churros 

@lovechurrosbh Which one of our indulgent fillings would you pick? 😍 #bahrain #bahrainfood #riffa #viraldessert #foodinbahrain #bahraindesserts #bahrain🇧🇭 ♬ These Words – Badger & Natasha Bedingfield

Everything from kinder, lotus, pistachio, to many more, Love Churros is giving you the chance to be in charge of your delicious dessert. Pick your filling, and bite into their delicious churros made fresh on the daily!

4. Taste some authentic Italian gelato from Venchi

@khobardiaries Venchi – البحرين مراسي جاليريا📍 #جيلاتو #جديد_البحرين ♬ Italian dance music style BGM(888630) – 2strings

The next time you’re on a shopping spree in Marassi Galleria Bahrain, make sure you have a stopover at Venchi to enjoy some gelato STRAIGHT out of Italy. That’s right guys, this place isn’t just popping in Bahrain, but is also one of the most famous gelato spots in Italy itself!

3. Bite into some fresh pastries from Vanilla Bakehouse

@itsnawrie احلى مخبوزات 🥯♥️ Vanilla Bakehouse | Riffa 📍 #bahrain #bh #ksa🇸🇦 #ksa #qatar🇶🇦 #qatar #gcc #fyp #explore #foryoupage #explorepage #foryoupage #bakery ♬ Chera Nemiraghsi – Vigen

This gem located in Riffa is another favorite for fresh pastries. Their tarts have the freshest fruits and the most mouth-watering fillings that you NEED to get your hands on.

2. Treat yourself to Espresso’s Tiramisu cake

@espresso_bh حيييياكم و الي ماتعجبه نرجعله فلوسه 😉 #fyp #foryou #espressobh #bahrain ♬ Prada – cassö & RAYE & D-Block Europe

Although this place has some seriously top tier coffee that has got everyone lining up, Espresso_bh also features the most delicious cakes. Their tiramisu is a MUST try with a warm cup of black coffee to enjoy the bitter-sweet combo!

1. Get a taste of Japanese Dango from Chawan Japanese Tea House

@dalal..ugc Dango 🍡 Dango 🍡 Dango got to finally try this chewy dessert without having to go to Japan ✨ | 46 of 365 @Chawan Japanese Tea House . . #يوجيسي #كافيهات_البحرين🇧🇭 #اكسبلور_تيك_توك #مشاهير_تيك_توك #bahraintiktokers🇧🇭 #ugc #ugccreator #ugccommunity #wheretoeat ♬ original sound – دلال | UGC

This Japanese Tea House in Manama is the answers to all your Japanese soap opera dreams! Everything from the seating, decor, vibes, and menu are 100 per cent Japanese. Bahrain’s dessert team has been raving about their Dango (traditional Japanese ice cream) that is a must-try!

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