5 Stunning Videos That Prove Bahrain’s Residents Capture The Most Cinematic Rain Scenes

Hera Shabbir

April and May brought a splash of surprises to Bahrain! 🌧️ As residents wave goodbye to winter chills, the island’s rain rolled in with a warm summer vibe. This year’s rain definitely went all out, with lightning lit up across the Bahraini skies, and heavy rainfall flooding the streets of the island. Everyone still made the most of the situation and flocked to the roads for a drive to enjoy the rainy breeze of the season.

These 5 videos of going out and about in Bahrain prove that people here definitely know how to make the most cinematic clips! Scroll down and check it out. 👀

5.This beautiful video of Bahrain’s rainy roads

@alalawi23_ أمطار في عز الصيف 🏝️🍃☁️💛 #fyp #البحرين🇧🇭 #explore ♬ الصوت الأصلي – دار أل خليفة 🇧🇭

@alalawi23 captured the beauty of Bahrain’s roads on a rainy day.

4. Someone enjoyed the rainy day out and about in Bahrain

@iiyam7 #CapCut #bahrain🇧🇭 #bahrain #explore #اكسبلور #البحرين🇧🇭 ♬ original sound – Y7 🇧🇭

If Bahrain could have a movie trailer for being a tropical rainy island, then this video by @iiyam7 on TikTok would definitely be it!

3. This is probably the best video of Bahrain’s lightning

@iam.yousifغرقنا♬ الصوت الأصلي – ﮼يوسف

The island witnessed a lot of thunder and lightning this season, and residents from across the Kingdom captured the phenomena. @iam.yousif from TikTok definitely wins for having the best clips of the rainy and thundery days around the island.

2. Nothing beats Bahrain’s majestic buildings under the clouds

@s205._🌧️♬ original sound – سـارة

@s205._ on TikTok posted these clips of the tall buildings of Bahrain under the gorgeous gray clouds hovering over the Kingdom. These clips are another cinematic example of how stunning the Kingdom gets on a rainy day!

1. It’s giving Gotham city vibes

@iam.yousifالاغنيه 🤧♬ الصوت الأصلي – ﮼يوسف

This edit definitely makes Bahrain look like the GCC’s version of Gotham city, especially with that Patrol roaming around! 👀


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