7 Pictures That Prove Bahrain Is The Kingdom Of Beautiful Sunsets

Hera Shabbir

Living on an island like Bahrain definitely has its perks, and one of the major ones is witnessing gorgeous sunsets. Thanks to the numerous beaches along the coasts, residents of Bahrain get to enjoy glistening views of the sun over the waters on the daily. Scroll through to check out some of the most cinematic and wallpaper-worthy pictures that show Bahrain really is a Kingdom of sunsets.

7. This gorgeous view that looks like an absolute painting!

6. Look at how gorgeous the skyline looks during sunset!

5. This picnic looks like a dream!

4. The water makes these views look even better

3. The skyline looks STUNNING in this shot!


2. Imagine sitting to this view

1. This is probably the best picture of where the city meets the sea!


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