A Bahraini Photographer Captures Most Captivating Visuals Of Places In The Kingdom

Hera Shabbir

Bahrain is known to be quite a picturesque island in the Gulf with several landscapes and attractions. This is exactly what Bahraini photographer Ishaq Madan does! He really knows how to work the camera and captures the true essence of life in Bahrain. From cinematic videos, wallpaper-worthy images, to the most colorful pictures of the community, Ishaq is definitely worth a follow for a firsthand look into life in Bahrain.

This video of Bahrain at night looks like a trailer!

Ishaq posted this gorgeous video just yesterday and people in the comments are already OBSESSED. The amazing visuals, twinkly lights of the city, and animated clips shows how the country truly sparkles at night!

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These are just a few of the many beautiful images Ishaq has taken of places around the Kingdom. The photographer doesn’t stop just there however. He actually has captured some totally wallpaper-worthy images of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and even the UK. You should definitely give this local talent a follow to see some amazing pics of Bahrain on your feed!


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