Bahrain MP’s Are Pushing For A Three Day Weekend And Everyone’s Here For It!

Hera Shabbir
Originally, five MPs, led by Dr. Ali Al Nuaimi, proposed changing the weekend to Saturday and Sunday, with Fridays as a half-working day. But guess what? They’ve upgraded the plan to a full three-day weekend! 🙌

The MP’s have recently been pushing for a shift to a three-day weekend from Friday to Sunday

Mohammed Al Olaiwi and four other legislators jumped on board with their own three-day weekend proposal. Although there were some parliamentary hurdles, Dr. Al Nuaimi tweaked his plan to match the popular “Sharjah-model,” where employees enjoy a four-day workweek and a three-day weekend.

Dr. Al Nuaimi highlighted how technology has boosted productivity, making shorter workweeks totally doable

Many companies are already testing the four-day workweek with fantastic results, including happier employees, lower turnover rates, and less absenteeism. With the new proposal, employees could enjoy a better work-life balance, more rest, and improved health. Studies from Europe and Iceland show that working fewer hours leads to increased productivity, better quality services, and overall well-being. 📈

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The comments definitely agree with this new proposal 🌟

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