Bahrain Municipality Springs Into Action To Combat Flooding Amid Recent Rainfall

Hera Shabbir

Bahrain welcomed another day of rain and thunderstorms on Labor Day ( May 1, 2024). Although residents were seen out and about on the cloudy day, the storms were quite severe. People were seen driving with extra caution because of the strong winds and heavy raindrops spread across the Kingdom.

The skies were also lit up with gigantic lightning streaks that started early morning, as residents posted videos of the storm all over the internet.

This was what Bahrain looked like at 3 AM

During the early hours of May 1st, the Kingdom saw dense clouds hover over the island which soon turned into a severe rainstorm.

The Municipality flocked to the roads within minutes to prevent flooding

Wael bin Nasser Al Mubarak, the Minister of Municipalities and Agriculture, hit the road for a hands-on check of various areas to keep a close eye on how emergency teams were handling the rain fallout.

Teams were deployed as planned across the four governorates to tackle water buildup in streets, villages, neighborhoods, and key areas like hospitals and schools.The Minister praised the teams’ hard work in lessening the impact of the rough weather, whether it meant dealing with fallen trees, collapsed billboards, or other incidents.



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