Bahraini Restaurants Unite In Solidarity: 5 Spots Supporting The Palestinian Cause

Hera Shabbir

With the ongoing situation in Gaza, people from all over the world are boycotting big franchises like McDonald’s, Starbucks, and now Pizza Hut. The genocide has caused a huge uproar among society, and people are actively looking to boycott all brands, franchises, and cafes that are openly supporting the Israeli forces. Bahrain itself has witnessed several protests around the Kingdom that feature thousands of residents standing up in solidarity with Palestine.

Scroll down below to get a list of 5 places around the island that are openly supporting the Palestinian cause.

5. Jasmi’s


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Jasmi’s is one of Bahrain’s most popular and favorite spots that is made up of local goodness. The fast-food chain has the yummiest burgers, sandwiches, salads, and even a whole Fried Chicken sister company known as Jio, and their own Jasmi’s Cafe. So the next time you’re thinking about an afternoon coffee, a breakfast salad, or even a juicy burger to end your day, Jasmi’s should be your number one pick.

4. Nomad


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This spot is known to be another favorite among people in the Kingdom. Their super fresh salads, absolutely delightful desserts, and replenishing drinks make Nomad another top pick for when you’re feeling a day out. Best thing is, the interiors on this place are top notch, so you’ll definitely get some new pics for the insta feed.

3. Gra Coffee

This spot is where Bahrain’s viral barista is! Their delicious coffee, yummy desserts, cocktails, and other refreshers. Make sure you crank up the tunes at this spot, because the barista known for his positive vibes might just enjoy a musical moment with you!

2. Lilou

Lilou is the kind of spot you’ll find crowded every time you head on over here. Their fancy burgers, exotic drinks, and gorgeous European interiors have people lining up all week. It’s definitely a must for you to try a three-course meal at this spot, topping it off with a selection of their many desserts.

1. Pickl


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This spot is actually a MENA favorite. Pickl opened in Bahrain just a while ago and everyone is loving it! Their juicy patties are definitely worth eating, and if you haven’t’ already. Join in on the hype ASAP!


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