Bahrain’s Expecting A Hot Yet Windy Couple of Days Ahead


Get ready to feel the heat this week, as temperatures in Bahrain are forecasted to soar up to 40 degrees celsius! Despite the scorching daytime temperatures, evenings promise a respite with cooler breezes dipping to a comfortable 30 degrees, ideal for some outdoor activities and night gatherings.

Daytime temperatures are expected to range between 38 to 40 degrees, signaling the onset of summer heat. While the skies may be partly cloudy, it’s essential to apply sunscreen to protect against sun exposure.


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Today, brace yourself for windy conditions for the rest of the evening.

Windy conditions with rising sand particles are expected to linger in the air until midnight. Tomorrow promises fine weather overnight, but anticipate rather hot temperatures during the day with sporadic sand in some areas. As the rest of the week clears up for a bright, sunny, weekend, the island is expected to receive some more strong winds at the start of June.

With the rising temperatures, it’s time to switch to light summer attire to stay cool and comfortable. As the sun sets, Bahrain’s nightlife is poised to thrive once again, with evening temperatures dropping to a pleasant 28 to 30 degrees, perfect for enjoying night time excursions, and fun times by the beach.

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