Bahrain’s F1 Circuit Designers Helped Design A Race Track For A Japanese Billionaire!

Hera Shabbir
If you thought you’d seen everything at the Bahrain International Circuit, hold on tight! A Japanese billionaire has shaken up the racing world by creating his own race track in Chiba Prefecture, located 100km south of Tokyo.

The designers behind the unique circuit are the BIC architects!

This unique circuit actually has a BHD 88,363 membership fee where people get to enjoy different facilities of the track, which features a 3.5km road course with 22 corners and an 800m straight! Best part is, this circuit paves through Japan’s gorgeous mountain range. 

The circuit also features exclusive homes that overlook the track!

People get to bring in their fancy cars and park them at a gorgeous paddock, which overlooks the circuit. If you’re a fan of F1 racing and wish to take your fancy ride to a circuit, then getting a membership at this spot is the place to start.


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