Bahrain’s Mumtalakat Drives Home Full Ownership of McLaren Group


Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund, Mumtalakat, has made a significant stride in the motorsport industry by acquiring full ownership of McLaren Group, the renowned British motorsport company.

This move marks a major milestone in Mumtalakat’s strategic investment portfolio and signals a strong commitment to the global motorsport arena!

The partnership goes way back

Mumtalakat has been a key player in McLaren Group for years, previously holding a substantial 60% stake in the company. As McLaren’s largest shareholder, Mumtalakat has continuously invested hundreds of millions of pounds annually into the business, contributing to its growth and success.

This also means a new racing team!

With this new acquisition, Mumtalakat now holds the majority stake in McLaren’s racing Formula 1 team – coming at a crucial time for McLaren, offering stability and support amid recent uncertainties.

McLaren currently stands out as the only racing team competing in Formula 1, IndyCar, Formula E, Extreme E, and Esports, showcasing its versatility and expertise across multiple racing disciplines.


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Calls for a celebration

As Mumtalakat takes the wheel at McLaren, the future looks promising for both entities. With a shared vision for excellence and innovation, this partnership is poised to drive Bahrain’s motorsport legacy forward!

Paul Walsh, McLaren Group’s Executive Chairman, expressed delight at the deal, highlighting the positive impact it would have on the group’s long-term business plans.

Now, for the serious questions


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