Bahrain’s Size Compared To Other Countries Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind!

Hera Shabbir

Bahrain, famed for its petite size, takes center stage in these striking images. As you scroll down, prepare to be amazed by the perspective these snapshots offer.

Watch as Bahrain, the tiny island, stands in stark contrast to countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, Pakistan, and beyond. It’s a visual journey that highlights just how diminutive this island truly is in comparison to its larger-than-life neighbors. đź‘€

This is how big Saudi is compared to Bahrain

Considering how this is not even the full map of the Kingdom, Saudi is said to be almost 3,000 times bigger than Bahrain! No wonder everyone’s always taking road trips to the country!

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Bahrain VS United Arab Emirates

Although UAE is also known for covering lesser land in population compared to Saudi, the Emirates are still around 110 times bigger than all of Bahrain!

Bahrain VS Pakistan

Pakistan is known to have several provinces of its own, and this comparison is absolutely mind-blowing. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is said to be a THOUSAND times larger than Bahrain. Imagine putting a 1,000 little Bahrain’s into one map, then you’d get Pakistan!

Bahrain VS India

Considering how like Saudi, this isn’t even the fully zoomed out version of India’s map, Bahrian looks like a tiny little speck in this country! India is said to be 4,300 times bigger than all of Bahrain. This one is probably the MOST astonishing.

Bahrain VS Phillippines

Bahrian barely makes up for one of the Philippines little islands! This country is around 395 times bigger than all of Bahrain!

Bahrain VS Texas

Since comparing all of North America would be too belittling, Bahrain vs Texas seemed like a more doable comparison. The entire state of Texas is said to be 892 times larger than all of Bahrain! Considering how Texas is the second largest state in all of the United States, this puts things a bit more in perspective.

After looking at these, let’s just say Bahrain is the cutest island ever and is definitely the baby of the GCC! 


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