Camping Season has kicked off in Bahrain’s Scenic Sakhir Desert


Bahrain is ringing in the camping season with open arms, and this time it’s back after a 3-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

The camping season, which commenced on November 10th, will run until February 29, 2024, offering camping enthusiasts an extended period to embrace the outdoors.

This annual tradition, more than just a winter retreat, holds deep cultural significance inherited from Bahrain’s Bedouin ancestors.

The Sakhir Desert, with its expansive landscapes and tranquil beauty, provides the perfect backdrop for a camping experience like no other. From the crackling warmth of campfires under the starlit desert sky to the daytime adventures exploring the vast terrain, this camping season is shaping up to be a memorable escape.


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If you’re a newbie camper, you can book a spot on one of those established campsites that come with all sorts of amenities – some are almost like hotel rooms.


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