A Fishing Ban On These Three Species Will Be Made Effective On May 1


In an effort to protect its marine resources, Bahrain has implemented a temporary fishing ban on three key species: spangled Emperor (Shari), rabbitfish (Safi), and seabream (Andag).

The ban which is effective starting tomorrow, until May 31, aims to promote environmental balance and ensure the sustainability of fish populations in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Fishing is a big part of the culture in Bahrain

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Here’s what you need to know about the ban

Article 1 of the decree now prohibits fishing for Shaari, Safi and Andag fish in Bahrain’s waters during the entire month of May, and fishermen are urged to release any of these species caught during this period, back into the sea, and support the preservation of marine biodiversity.

The Supreme Council for Environment emphasizes the importance of community cooperation in enforcing this decision, encouraging individuals to contribute to the protection of fish stocks and the overall health of marine ecosystems.


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To prevent violations of the ban (that usually happens around the same time every year), marine resources teams and authorities will be increasing their surveillance efforts. Regardless, Bahrain’s commitment to the development, growth and preservation of its fish and marine resources have always been respected, as well as appreciated each time around.




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