Grad Season Is Here And These Places Are Perfect For Some Fancy Cakes!

Hera Shabbir

Graduation season officially kicks off in the months of May and June, and gifting your loved ones a special something is a must. What better way to applaud their efforts than giving them the yummiest graduation-themed cake for them to enjoy. Scroll down below and check out Bahrain’s top spots to grab a cake for the celebrations.

5. Lilou Artisan Patisserie


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This spot has the cutest most picture-worthy cakes for your loved ones to enjoy on their special day. If you’re throwing them a special grad party, then you better have these cakes front and center for everyone to take some gorgeous pics.

3. Crumbles Bakery

Crumbles bakery has a wide collection of cakes that feature the cutest little fondant books, sparkle, and delicious layers of goodness. You can choose a few to setup at the table to make your little grad feet EXTRA special.

3. Le Chocolat

Le Chocolat is a top tier pick if you’re looking for a fancy design and some top-notch flavors. Their cakes also feature adorable books that will look gorgeous on your party setup. You could even grab this cake after enjoying a celebratory lunch with your grad.

2. KOKO Cakes

Koko Cakes is also another top pick which features the most simplest yet hilarious cakes for the grad. This one is a top pic of a cute little hug on their delicious cakes that will look even better in pics.

1. Manar Bakery


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This spot is also a top pick for delicious yet affordable cakes for your special graduate! Apart from their delicious pastries, Manar Bakery is also known for their delicious cakes that will have you feeling super special on your graduation day, with their gorgeous toppers, mouth-watering flavors, and perfect details!


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