Here Are 5 New Restaurants In Bahrain That You Need To Explore ASAP


Bahrain, our small Arab island, is known for having a diverse food scene. From pure Mediterranean gastronomy to authentic Asian flavours being served across the finest restaurants in the heart of the city, here is a list of the newest restaurants that you should add to your bucket list today!

5. Orla

This restaurant presents a tantalising fusion of Mediterranean and Aegean flavors, showcasing a delectable array of dishes crafted from the finest, locally-sourced ingredients. The menu currently boasts culinary delights that’ll be sure to tantalise your taste buds.

Located in Block 338, the stylish decor and sophisticated ambiance of this venue makes it the perfect spot to try something new!



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Offering a captivating fusion of Japanese, Brazillian and Peruvian cuisines set against a breathtaking cityscape backdrop, this new addition to Bahrain’s culinary scene is set to surpass all your expectations!

Picture a diverse selection of dishes, ranging from sushi and grilled items to tempura, Asian salads, and taquitos all night long.




3. Roka Bahrain

Destined to become a cherished restaurant on the island, Roka has always been greatly celebrated for its globally acclaimed Japanese Robatayaki cuisine. Strategically positioned in Bahrain Harbour, the restaurant boasts an alfresco terrace that gives visitors picturesques views of the city, and enchanting sunsets.


2. Byblos

An enchanting culinary voyage that explores the rich tapestry of Lebanese cuisine, Byblos restaurant at Four Seasons Bahrain is inspired by the historic city of Byblos. This seaside eatery invites guests to experience a communal dining adventure against the backdrop of an idyllic coastal setting.


1. Crazy Pizza

Offering a distinctive fusion of authentic Italian tradition harmonised with today’s newest trends, Crazy Pizza Bahrain promises an exciting dining experience, where guests will enjoy cherished flavours, with contemporary flair that mirrors the dynamic essence of the island!



As the dining scene on the island continues to evolve, these new additions offer just a glimpse into Bahrain’s gastronomic scene! Each establishment promises a unique dining experience – whether you’re a local food enthusiast or a visiting gastronome, these culinary gems will definitely leave a lasting impression!

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