Here Are 5 Stellar Activities To Enjoy During The First Weekend Of May In Bahrain


The month of summer is finally approaching, and everyone needs a list of actives to do. Although many of you might be traveling, for those of you who are planning to chill out in Bahrain for the weekend, then this list of activities is for you. With five different activities to choose from for the first weekend of May, you definitely won’t regret staying in the Kingdom once you’re done with this list.

Catch Metro Boomin light up the exhibition halls on May 2

The show got cancelled yesterday due to bad weather conditions, so tonight get ready to have an incredible night where lights and music will takeover the Exhibition World Bahrain.



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Dance your heart out to the sunset vibes with an incredible lineup of DJs

Running all afternoon long on the shores of Art Hotel Beach, catching sunset will be hosting a special sunset event, with an incredible lineup of djs that’ll be spinning the decks and keeping you grooving!



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Enjoy a modern take on the traditional dishes at the Gulf Hotel Bahrain

Chef Tala’s kitchen is known to always tell a story of passion, creativity and artistry of flavours. Blending tradition and innovation to tantalise the taste buds and nourish the soul of visitors all weekend long, you don’t want to miss out on this gem!



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Catch some giggles at the Diplomat Radisson Blu with a legendary comedian

Experience an evening of unparalleled entertainment as the legendary comedian Amer Zahr graces the island with his wit, humour, and cultural insight, as he takes stage to deliver a night that is not to be missed.


@amerzahr48 Arabs buying a house. We are different. We’re not white. #arabs ♬ original sound – Amer Zahr

Focus on your health and get your breathing rate up!

Go on a scenic coastal route and enjoy the perfect playground to lace up for and hit the pavement. Running in Bahrain offers an exhilarating experience that’s as diverse and dynamic as the island itself.



@samaralhammadi Running can be EVERYTHING and ANYTHING 🤍 #run #runner #fyp #bahrain @بو صقر ♬ original sound – Jesstudy

With an array of options spanning entertainment, culinary delights, and physical activity, staying in Bahrain for the weekend promises a fulfilling experience. Whether enjoying cultural shows, culinary adventures, or embracing outdoor activities, the weekend agenda ensures a blend of relaxation and excitement for residents and visitors alike.

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