Heads Up! The Following Highways Will Deal With Closures Across Wednesday and Thursday


In anticipation of the Arab Summit, Bahrain’s General Traffic Department is rolling out instructions to ensure seamless transportation for residents across the country. Scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, May 15 and 16, these arrangements include temporary traffic diversions along several key roads to accommodate summit-related activities.

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Roads will be under control

Highlighted by the Ministry of Interior, the roads under control during the morning and evening hours of Wednesday and Thursday stretch from Bahrain International Airport to Khalifa Al Kabeer Highway. This route passes through Al-Ghous Street, Sheikh Isa bin Salman Bridge, and continues along the King Faisal Highway and Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Highway into the bustling Seef District.

Capital city residents are encouraged to utilise a variety of routes to navigate through the bustling streets during the summit. Accessible pathways include Al Fateh Highway, Government Avenue, Khalifa bin Salman Bridge, and Sheikh Hamad Bridge.

These carefully selected routes aim to maintain orderly and uninterrupted vehicle flow while accommodating the influx of summit-related traffic.


Road users have been called on to actively support

The General Directorate of Traffic has kindly called residents to support this initiative by adhering to instructions and guidelines provided by the traffic authorities. To ensure smooth traffic flow, everyone has been encouraged to limit non-essential travel during the summit period, and staying informed with updates and announcements from official sources.



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