Iconic Moments at Bahrain’s Formula One Grand Prix 2024


This year’s Formula One Grand Prix was not just about fast cars and fierce competition; it was a star-studded affair filled with memorable moments that left spectators in awe!

Starting the season off in Bahrain on a Saturday, here’s a look at some of the most iconic highlights from this year’s race:

Steven Gerrard and the fam got the VIP Experience

Football legend and his son were having a blast at the Bahrain Grand Prix! Soaking in all the action from the exclusive paddock. They enjoyed the thrilling races and activations over the weekend.


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The enthusiasm from Jeremy Clarkson!

Famed TV personality Jeremy added his signature enthusiasm to the races by waving the F1 flag with gusto. His energetic presence definitely added in an extra dash of excitement to the event.


A Royal Encounter

Adventurer Bear Grylls was spotted mingling with HH Sheikh Nasser Hamad at the track!



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A tradition to love

The Bahrain Grand Prix was graced with the iconic Gulf Air flyover, added a spectacular touch to the start of the races. The breathtaking aerial display never fails to awe spectators, setting the stage for an adrenaline-pumping race.



@lovinbahrainGulf Air’s aerial display above the Bahrain International Circuit this weekend was a show to behold! ✈️✨ TikTok by @bahrain_aviation #lovinbahrain #bahrain #manama♬ original sound – Lovin Bahrain

Showin’ some support

Football superstar Neymar Jr. made a special appearance this weekend, and showed his support for Lewis Hamilton. Before the race began, they duo shared a warm embrace.

Redbull’s victory!

Max Verstappen from Red Bull Racing emerged victorious at this year’s Bahrain Grand Prix. His skillful driving and strategic maneuvers secured him the top spot on the podium, marking an unforgettable moment in F1 history – and capping off an exhilarating event.


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What a whirldwind of excitement with sport icons, celebrities, and thrilling races that kept audiences captivated!

Fans are surely anticipating the next thrilling installment of racing action to come back to the island again!





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