It’s Camping Season And Omar Farooq Shared Some Important Safety Instructions

Hera Shabbir

Winter is at its peak at the moment and people in the Gulf are flocking the deserts to enjoy some camping. The cold breeze next to a nice campfire under the stars is the ultimate winter dream, but all this fun comes with a bunch of Safety. Thanks to Bahraini blogger, Omar Farooq, you basically have a step-by-step manual on how to cope in the harsh desert weather.

Omar Farooq posted this video on how to survive if you’re stuck in a desert

People often leave their cars in search for help, and this is EXACTLY what Omar tells us not to do. He talks about how to form SOS signals, put bright flags around the car, and cope with the harsh desert weather. This safety video is definitely worth saving on your phone, to keep handy the next time you’re out in the desert 🙌

Omar is quite the adventurer himself and has been living it up in Saudi at the moment 👏


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