Jam Out To Local Talent With These 5 Bahraini Singers That Hit All The Right Notes

Hera Shabbir

Bahrain is full of endless talent when it comes to the music industry, and these artists are a few of many. From an A-star guitarist, a Bahraini Mariah Carey in the making, and the coolest Brady-bunch of band members, these artists are EVERYTHING.



Check out the different musical talents on the island that are definitely worth a follow and addition on your playlist

Have a quick listen to these Bahrain-based artists and see which one is your favorite, and jam out to their killer hits 🔥



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This page is definitely on the radar for showcasing local talent at its finest. A2K, one of the rappers featured on their page, is definitely about to take over the industry with his killer bars and sick beats 🔥 Check out their page ASAP for an inside look on the creative process behind their music, some insane album covers, and absolutely cinematic music videos.

4. Wrista Music


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Wrista is definitely a local favorite when it comes to picking out music in Bahrain. Some of his best hits give ultimate R&B vibes that one can’t help but keep on repeat 😍. Wrista doesn’t stop there, he also is an INSANELY talented rapper that really knows what he’s doing. If you’re into a mellow mood for an afternoon drive, need a heartbreak melody, or are totally hyped and need a sick beat drop, Wrista has done it all. Make sure to add this local sensation to your playlists and jam out to all your different moods.

3. Xenai Music


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This artist is ideal to have on your playlist if you’re looking for some chill music to jam out to. Xenai’s creative strategy builds up to create an amazing outer space theme. Calling himself an ‘alien from inner space,’ Xenai’s page is FULL of galaxy themed artwork that is absolutely stunning. Give this guy a follow ASAP and jump around to his addictive beats.

2. Ahmed “AQ” AlQasim


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This local sensation is probably the finest bassist you’ll find in Bahrain. If you’re a fan of Jazz, then Ahmed is the guy to follow. He totally owns the stage every time with his bass guitar, totally making the crowd want more. When he’s not working his magic with his guitar, Ahmed also hits all the right notes as a singer, and is even a very talented songwriter. Give this talent a follow and jam out to some Jazzy hits.



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This artist has the most amazing aesthetic. She writes all of her songs, sings them all totally acoustic, with just her and her guitar. The rawness in her performances create the most authentic musical experience, that proves Morjune loves what she’s doing. Give her a follow if you’re in the mood to vibe out to her beautiful lyrics and creative strings.


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