Omar Farooq Unveils His Insightful Documentary About Japan At Recent Ithra Summit

Hera Shabbir

Omar Farooq, a renowned filmmaker and content creator from Bahrain, has achieved remarkable success by showcasing diverse societies and current events. His compelling storytelling and innovative approach have captivated audiences, making him a significant figure in the media landscape. Omar’s work not only entertains but also enlightens, bridging cultural gaps and promoting understanding through his unique and insightful perspectives.

He recently unveiled his documentary about the darker side of Japan at Ithra’s Sync Summit


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At the finale of the two-day Sync Digital Wellbeing Summit at Ithra, the documentary “The Dark Side of Japan” premiered at Ithra Cinema. Filmed in Japan, it features Farooq observing the intense screen addictions of the Japanese people, the darker side of society, and the pressures of lifestyle in the tech-savvy country.

He also asked viewers to tuck away their devices in an envelope for a phone-free premier

Before the film premiere, the filmmaker and influencer conveyed an important message the old-fashioned way, and asked attendees to check under their seats for a small envelope. Each audience member found the envelope, meant for tucking away their phones, encouraging everyone to watch the documentary phone-free and fully engaged.

His millions of followers were also ecstatic for the release of this iconic documentary!


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