Recent Road Closures Spark Traffic Concerns Across Bahrain

Hera Shabbir

Bahrain is currently grappling with significant traffic congestions, leaving residents concerned about their daily commutes. With road closures spanning the island, the once-smooth drives have turned into prolonged journeys.

The Ministry of Interior has been proactive in updating the public about the road closures

Regular posts on social media detail which roads will remain closed throughout the summer months, aiming to keep citizens informed and prepared. Despite these efforts, the reality of increased commute times has become a concern for many. “Before the closures, my drive to work took about 20 minutes. Now, I’m spending nearly an hour in traffic,” shares Farina, a resident of Manama. This sentiment echoes across the island, as the usual hustle and bustle of Bahraini life now includes navigating detours and bottlenecks.

The construction however aims to enhance road safety

Although the closures are set in place to update road safety, commute and quality, the widespread roadworks have created a storm of delays and frustration. For now, Bahrain’s residents are adapting to the new normal, hoping that the temporary discomfort will soon give way to smoother and more efficient roadways.

Until then, patience and planning are key as the island navigates this period of transformation


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