The GCC Could Potentially Implement A Schengen-Style Visa For Tourists


Everyone knows what the Schengen-style visa looks like but if you need a refresher, here it is; it’s a visa that gives the holder access to multiple countries.

With that being said, it looks like the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are looking to implement a Schengen-style visa for tourists

Discussions have been taking place at a ministerial level among GCC nations on how to achieve this unified visa

The Minister of Tourism in Bahrain, Fatima Al Sairafi discussed this during the Arabian Travel Market conference in Dubai. She stated that this style of visa will increase the number of visitors per country. She noticed that co-promoting Bahrain along with Saudi Arabia and the UAE has benefited Bahrain greatly.

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People who obtain the Schengen visa, usually use it to visit multiple locations across Europe, hence why Al Sairafi saw the value this will bring each GCC country.

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