The Iconic Bahrain Food Festival Welcomed More Than 168 THOUSAND Visitors In Two Weeks!

Hera Shabbir

The Bahrain Food Festival was been going almost all of March,and people from all over the gulf made a visit. With a bunch of different local and international restaurants, this spot answered all the cravings for the foodies.

In just two weeks since opening, the spot welcomed 168,000 visitors!


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The Chief Executive of the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Board Dr. Nasser expressed his excitement in a statement: “We are delighted to record a new success story for this year’s food festival, we express our deepest thanks and gratitude to all our partners for contributing to making this year’s edition a success, and renew our commitment to keep the momentum of this unique event.The evolution of the food festival…highlighted Bahrain’s diverse food offerings, and once again supported our partners in the food and restaurant sector, as well as encouraging us.” 

The food festival featured over dozens of food vendors that are brought all kinds of delicious treats

LovinSaudi even made their way to the spot 👀


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