These 7 Foodie Hidden Gems in Bahrain Are Waiting To Be Discovered!


The Kingdom of Bahrain is a melting pot of cultures, and nowhere is this more evident than in its vibrant culinary scene.

From cozy cafes to fine dining establishments, the island offers a plethora of foodie gems that are just waiting to be discovered! Keep reading as we share some of Bahrain’s must-visit spots, known for their exceptional service and delectable cuisine.

1. Vietnamese Gate Restaurant

Offering authentic Vietnamese cuisine, featuring flavourful dishes like pho, banh mi and spring rolls, in a cozy ambiance with friendly service. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in some recipes straight from Hanoi, this is your spot!


2. Angelo Cafe

A cozy cafe that’s known for its delicious coffee and baked goods! Whether you’re craving a creamy latte or sweet pastry, Angelo’s has something to satisfy your cravings.



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3. Sato

A Japanese restaurant that specialises in sushi and sashimi. The chefs know exactly what they’re doing by expertly crafting dishes that really give you an authentic taste of Japan. The ambiance is pretty sweet and they’ll even give you a Kimono so you can match their vibe!



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4. Sunset Restaurant

Located in the Diplomatic Area, this local spot has been around since the 90’s, and their quality hasn’t changed a single bit since! Rumour around town is that they have the BEST club sandwiches in the city!



5. Al Rayyan Cafe

Located in the heart of the capital, Muharraq, this traditional Bahraini cafe offers a range of local dishes and beverages. From aromatic Arabic coffee to savoury mezze platters, Al Rayyan Cafe celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Bahrain with it’s incredible flavours and decors!



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6. Cafe La Ventana

Looking for some Yama Cakes in Qudaybiyah? This charming cafe is the best place to get them ASAP!

They also offering hearty meals that’ll leave you with a grin on your face.



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7. Peking

A favourite among locals and visitors! This Chinese restaurant is LOVED for their classic sweet and sour chicken, kung pao shrimp, and crispy duck.

Vibrant flavours, welcoming ambiance, and offering a fusion we haven’t seen in Umm Al Hassam before!


Culinary excellence in Bahrain knows no bounds!

And these restaurants truly stand as a testament to the island’s gastronomic power. If you’re Lovin’ this list, drop us a message on Instagram to tell us all about your experience!




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