These Bahrain-Based Musicians Totally Love The Bahraini Community And Here’s Why

Hera Shabbir

Bahrain’s music community is definitely top-notch when it comes to diverse and catchy tunes. From sensational notes, addictive melodies, to the most creative band, Bahrain is really where you need to be to witness music creation at its finest.

These Bahrain-based artists totally attest to the welcoming community and culture of Bahrain, making it a great place to showcase your creativity

Check out below what these famous faces in the Kingdom have to say about producing music on this beautiful island.


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‘Doyoureallylikeit’ music totally loves the welcoming audience 👏


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As stated by the iconic band, “..the audience is very supporting and everyone comes out to the shows.” ‘Doyoureallylikeit’ is all about originality and writes all its own tracks. They also encourage the Bahraini community to welcome more newcomers to the field that produce their own original music 🙌


Bahrain absolutely loves Ghauri’s cross-cultural hits and he is super grateful for it


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When asked about the feedback given by the Bahraini community on his music, Ghauri stated that the ‘love and support is great.’ Even though most of his tracks are multi-lingual, Bahrain’s audience is totally into his hits. According to Ghauri, everyone ‘into music that sounds good, regardless of whatever country its from’

Noah also loves the shared inspiration of the Bahraini community when it comes to music

According to Noah, his music has gotten constant support from friends and family. He outlines how music can really bring the Bahraini community together for a shared interest through inspiration 🙌


These artists are just a few of many that believe Bahrain is a great place to showcase your talent, and these guys clearly know how to 👍


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