This Bahrain-Based Artist Makes All The Beautiful Paintings You Need On Your Walls

Hera Shabbir

Bahrain is known to have quite the local talents in the community, and grabbing a paintbrush and getting right to it is exactly how easy it is for this Bahrian-based artist. From breathtaking calligraphy, decor-worthy paintings, to even the most detailed sketches, Muhammad Ahmad Khan has quite the artistic talent that is definitely worth checking out.

If you’re a fan of all things abstract, Muhammad really knows how to present you with a masterpiece

His combination of vibrant colors and expressive tones really set the mood to create a stunning abstract piece like this.

Just look at the details on this…😍

His work has even been featured on the walls of Bahrain, like this beautiful mural of faces you might recognize 👀

Anyone spot their favorite Netflix-show characters? Because Walter White looks like he could pop right out of that painting.

Watch him work his magic with this colorful painting of a boat 🤩

Muhammad also makes the most beautiful pieces of Arabic Calligraphy that you’d definitely want on your walls  🙌

Muhammad really knows how to stun his audience with his vibrant and beautiful masterpieces. This just goes to show that the artistic potential of the community in Bahrain is definitely worth noticing 🇧🇭.


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