This List Of Bahraini Childhood Snacks Will Take You On A Trip Down Memory Lane

Hera Shabbir

If you spent your childhood days around the streets of Bahrain, then you definitely knew about your nearest Baqala. From the Bahraini Pufak packs, local ice cream brands, to even some Saudi imports, your childhood was definitely full of these yummy throwback bites. Scroll through and share this list with your friends for a cute trip down memory lane.

The OG Bahraini Pufak pack


These chips were cheap and delicious. Popular even until today, people around Bahrain love buying these treats in stock 🙌. They come in delicious flavors like cheese, ketchup, and even vegetable.

The refreshing rose milk 👀

This delicacy is still famous in the Kingdom and is actually loved by many visitors. The milk consists of a touch of rosewater and is known to be a very refreshing and healthy drink!

The legendary Sohar Chips

Even though half of the packet is just air, these snacks go WAYYY back. The savory delicacies will totally remind you of walking back from school and grabbing a quick snack from the nearest supermarket.

These banana jelly things

If you were a fan of gummies throughout your childhood, then you’ve definitely had these banana flavored gummies that were actually quite addictive.

There’s still not a good enough replacement for this alpha gum

Batook is OG and people all over the GCC know this. Did you also down a pack of 1 whenever you had them? 👀

When Nutella wasn’t a thing in Bahrain yet, these held the title

This was also another OG delicacy for all the chocolate lovers. When Nutella didn’t make its entry in the Kingdom, Choki Choki was the #1 choice of all things chocolate. Not to mention, eating them was the funnest part!


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