Unexpected Bahraini World Records You Never Heard Of

Hera Shabbir

Did you know that Bahrain holds a variety of unique world records that may surprise you? Let’s take a look at the few interesting tiles Bahrain holds for the coolest records!

First, Bahrain boasts the world’s longest journey in kite surfing

Anke Brandt, from Germany, covered an astonishing 489.62 km between Amwaj Marina and Al Dar Island in April 2016, which bagged her the title for the longest journey of Kite Surfing.

Next up, Bahrain achieves the world’s largest crochet blanket

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With 47 women contributing, Bahrain played a significant role in creating over 5,000 blankets, totaling 11,148 square meters in Chennai, India. That’s some major dedication!

The British School of Bahrain also made its mark with a unique record back in 2010

During World Maths Day, 1,117 staff and students from BSB participated in a simultaneous coin toss, earning a spot in the Guinness Book of Records.

And lastly, Bahrain’s Royal Guard set a groundbreaking record in healthcare

In 2023, Bahrain broke the Guinness World Record for the most hearing tests conducted in 12 hours, marking a significant achievement in the medical field.

From the sea to the schoolyard, Bahrain proves its prowess in setting world records.

Truly, a land of extraordinary achievements!


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