Why Our Country Needs Lovin Bahrain

Hera Shabbir

Everyone comes to Bahrain for a fun weekend getaway, which is when they might search up on the island’s happening events. Once in the country, learning about the community and its people is only natural, and that’s when an article about local burger places or an undiscovered talent may help.

Since searching up these things yourself take time, it disrupts the busy hussle we have going on with work and deadlines. That’s exactly why Lovin Bahrain exists. We serve as a voice for the city and sharing stories to create a beautiful journey of discovery.

But apart from that, why is Lovin Bahrain REALLY needed?

Bahrain has transformed to become the GCC’s ideal island getaway

Visitors are coming on the daily, and need a guide on what to do and where.  The expat community is also growing on the daily, with dozens of nationalities looking for their community events. Lovin Bahrain is here to represent and enhance the Bahrain’s diversity and talents to the world, as Bahrain is the place to be!

Ok, it’s not Hawaii

Nor is it Bali


or Greece

But the island life is definitely a blast here in Bahrain. Whether it’s a huge concert, fun weekend activities, and local bites, the island has a lot to offer. People are driving in for the weekend, while others are catching flights from abroad to enjoy the warm weather. All in all, the island fits all types of audiences looking to explore, party, eat, and get their adventurous side out.

Lovin Bahrain is here to make sure you are the first to know about the island’s events, community, and yummy bites.


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