WIN! A 3-Month Supply of Fade Fit Snacks


Everybody loves a good snack! Whether it’s in the middle of a busy morning, or late in the evening right before you pop on your favourite movie, snacking has always been an essential part of life… AMIRITE?!

And so, we’ve left it to the pros to create a guilt-free snack that is healthy, yummy and absolutely addictive. If you’re ready to find out more, as well as get the chance to WIN A 3 MONTH SUPPLY of yummy treats, keep reading!

What is Fade Fit?

Founded by radio host and TV personality, Kris Fade, firstly in the UAE, Fade Fit began as Kris’ personal fitness journey! From working on his very own snacking habits, and then for his kids and family, Fade Fit developed into a lifestyle brand that not only promotes wellness but supports a healthier lifestyle for everyone.

We’re giving you a chance to win A THREE MONTHS SUPPLY of Fade Fit goodies!

All you have to do is answer one simple question…


What snacks are they bringing to the table?

Fade Fit has an insanely large variety of options for EVERYONE to choose from. Starting from protein snacks (perfect right before the gym) to deliciously organic gummies (to help with your gut health) and even some SWEET snacks for the kiddos (did we mention it’s sugar-free?), this brand has made it extremely easy to help elevate your lifestyle through smart indulgence.

Can I get AN AMEN?


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They’ve now made it to Bahrain!

You heard that right!

We’re talking snacks with no added sugar, preservative-free, and all-natural flavours finally hitting the shelves of stores in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and we’re so excited!

If you’re looking to shop these products, you can easily now find them at Lulu Hypermarket, Food World, Carrefour, Trolley, Allday Market, Danube and even Talabat Mart!

Terms & Conditions Apply*

  • This competition is only valid for residents of Bahrain
  • Winner will receive BD200 worth of snacks!


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