You Should Definitely Keep A Lookout For These Upcoming Artists In Bahrain With The Most Refreshing Energy

Hera Shabbir

Bahrain is full of new and upcoming talent that is taking the island by storm. From a unique DJ producing catchy beats to jump to, to a beautiful acoustic singer with the most insane vocals to karaoke with, Bahrain is definitely a hub of musical artists. Support the community and represent the nation by following these five artist that are sure to take over the future music industry.

5. May AlQasim


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Professionally known as the ‘Queen of RnB’ this singer will definitely give you chills as you listen to her do her thing. May is known as a professional singer, songwriter, and is actually the founder of One Love Productions. Aside from being a talented artist herself, May built the platform to support new and upcoming artist in the Kingdom who share the same passion as her.

4. Ghauri Music


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If you’re a fan of singing along to some fire lyrics with a super catchy beat, then Ghauri music is definitely worth a follow ASAP. The artist has absolutely nailed producing catchy beats for all desi-music lovers, blending in the rich Pakistani culture.  His tracks have gotten over 20 million views on YouTube and more 1 million streams on Spotify.

3. Jazmine Valco


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If you’re feeling a night of singing along to your favorite pop-hits with the most booming energy, then you need to check out one of Jazmine’s shows. Her ecstatic energy, insane vocal skills, and contagious positive vibes will have you singing with her on set all night. She definitely knows how to keep the crowd pumping with her beautiful voice that definitely pull you in to karaoke along!

2. Mr. Dj Bahrain


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When you’re feeling night out of jumping to catchy beat drops and enjoying all your favorite tunes at once, head on over to a Mr. DJ set because you’re definitely going to love it. He creates the perfect fusion between east and west hits, that will have you singing along no matter where you’re from!

1. Majaz


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This band is definitely worth being on your radar with their catchy Khaleeji fusion. Their tracks will have you enjoying the blend of all kinds of traditional sounds from the region, with an edgy twist. You can catch them in both Bahrain and Saudi, as the band has already played it big on sets like MDL Beast Soundstorm, Balad Beast, and more!


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